International Stars @Rio Olympics 2016

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Old records were broken…New created…New Stars were born and for some it was swansong. The Rio Olympics began on a controversial note but ended on a high… There were some Athletes who were stars and will be remembered for their heroic performances. Here is my list of athletes who were stars at the Rio Olympics. ( In no particular order.)

Michael Phelps(Swimming)


Just to state a fact; He has more medals than India in total in the history of Olympics. The Swimmer is one of the most decorated Olympian of all time, having won 28 medals out which is 23 are gold medals. Wow! Now that’s a record. The 2016 Olympics was his last and what an ending it was for him. The 31 year old American won Golds in the 200m butterfly, 200m individual medley, 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x200m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay, as well as silver at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium.

Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

      Usain_Bolt When you are playing your last Olympics,  you want to give your best …you want to leave a legacy behind and the best way to do so – Usain Bolt knows it- Win Gold. Bolt is the best in this area.  The unprecedented triple treble is what the legendary athlete has left behind. At Rio Olympics, he won Gold Medal in 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay, the feat he did at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics.  His athletic poise and infectious personality will surely be missed.

Mo Farah (Athlete)  Mo Farah

He perhaps has the best resume in the history of British Athletics…He stumbles.. Falls… gets up and wins Gold Medal. He is Mo Farah. He became the first man since Finland’s Lasse Viren in 1976 to retain two Olympic distance titles. Farah won gold medals in both 5,000m and 10,000m and made his nation proud. It was his 4th Gold medal at the Olympics.

Simone Biles (Gymnastics) Simone Biles

After winning the team medal at the Rio Olympics, Biles and one of her team player was sitting in their room and chatting. Suddenly a fire alarm broke and both ran out of their room but Biles realized she had left her Gold Medal inside. She rushed back and got her medal. Well, that’s the true value a medal for Athletes, especially when you won it in Olympics.  She was an ordinary teenager before the Rio Olympics, but after, Biles became a house hold name not only in USA but across the world. When girls her age partied, she practiced and practiced hard on floor …on vault..And all that paid off and like no one had ever expected. She won 4 Gold Medals (Individually and team events on floor and vault) and became the first woman to win 4 Gymnastic medal in a single Olympic Games. East German swimmer Kristin Otto is the only female athlete to win more gold medals (Six Gold Medals that she won in 1988 Seoul) in one edition.

Wayde Neikerk (Athlete)  Wayde Neikerk

This South African runner made his country proud by smashing world record in 400m to win an Olympic gold. The 24 year old clocked a timing of 43.03seconds to cross the finish line. It was .15seconds quicker than the previous record holder Johnson in 1999.

Elaine Thompson (Track and Field) 

Elaine Thompson

The Jamaican showed what she is made up of at the Rio Olympics. If there were any doubts of who was the fastest in women’s 200 m in the world, it was all cleared when Elaine Thompson picked up Gold Medal with the timing of 21.78 seconds. Not only that, Thompson also completed a sprint double by winning the 100 m Gold as well since Florence Griffith Joyner achieved this feat at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

Joseph Schooling (Swimming) Joseph Schooling

Schooling’s name will go down in history as the first athlete to fetch a Gold Medal for Singapore.  It was the only time at Rio when Michael Phelps was denied a Gold Medal. Schooling won the Gold Medal in the 100m butterfly to make history for his country.

Jin Jong Oh (Shooting)

Jin Jong OhDown but never out- is how the world now defines Jin Jong Oh. He hit a dismal 6.6 in the finals of the 50 m Pistol event and was at one point on the brink of getting eliminated. He however, came backs strongly to win a historic Gold Medal. He is the only shooter male or female to win three straight Gold Medals at this event. He also won a Silver Medal in 2004 Athens.

Justin Rose (GOLF)

Justin Rose

18th hole birdie and Justin Rose registered his name in History books. Rose clinched Gold Medal in Men’s Golf, a sport which was included in the Olympics after a gap of 112 years. Rose finished 16 strokes under par.

Kerry Wash Jennings (Beach Volleyball) 

Kerry Wash Jennings

“There has not been a single time that after winning Gold Medals (Three Gold Medals- 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics) I have not dropped them or dented them.. I always felt sad for a second and then reminded myself that it’s not about winning medals, it is about enjoying the journey that led up to the medals , a journey that will always remain with me .. it will not be dented ”.. This is what Jennings had to say before she began her quest at the Rio Olympics and her fans were expecting to drop another Gold Medal here. But playing with a new Partner this was not the case. But Jennings did not go empty handed and captured a Bronze Medal in the ladies Beach Volleyball. She is one of the most decorated Beach Volleyball and indeed is a star.

Almaz Ayana (Athlete)

Almaz Ayana

10,000 m distance being completed in 29 minutes.. sounds Crazy right? But yes, you have heard it correctly. Almaz Ayana of Ethiopia set the World record in 10,000 m race by finishing it in 29 minutes and 17.45 seconds. Ayana is known for her relentless pace and agility — the two cardinal characteristics needed for one of the most grueling races. Rightly so, the 24 year old hailed her record as “a dream come true.”

Monica Puig (Tennis)


She became an overnight tennis sensation after winning the Gold medal in the Ladies Singles event. She beat German Angelque Kerber in straight sets to fetch a first Gold Medal for Puerto Rico.

Andy Murray (Tennis)   Andy Murray

The British contingent had a superlative run in tennis for second consecutive Olympics as their favourite son Andy Murray won the Gold Medal in the men’s singles event . Murray became the first male tennis player to win two Olympic singles titles by beating Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro in a 4 hour grueling final.




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