SIX Machine- I don’t like cricket.. I love it”


He is the king of Sixes…. World class bowlers are scared to face him when he is batting…On his best day at the crease, he is invincible and unbeatable, he is Chris Gayle… And if the West Indian giant has to have an autobiography- “SIX Machine- I don’t like cricket.. I love it” is an apt name for it.

So, when I was invited for the launch of his book in the national capital, I was thrilled and ecstatic and Why would not I? Dressed in all black, the Jamaican star looked every bit of a star with whom everybody wanted a selfie. When Gayle walked on the stage, he looked Charismatic and as if he owns the world. He was accompanied by BCCI President Anurag Thakur who was the chief guest of the event and former cricket great Virender Sehwag.


Christopher Henry Gayle indeed loves cricket… from hitting a century in 30 odd balls, simply standing at one end to save a test match to having a strip pole at his house, Gayle has done it all.. He for sure is a complicated character and that’s what his  book tells you about.

But the most heart whelming thing that he told was the fact that he had a hole in his heart and during the West Indies tour to Australia in 2005, Gayle underwent an operation to repair it. He himself said that this changed his outlook towards life.

He said– “Nobody knows that I was diagnosed with a hole in my heart in Australia, not even my parents. I was forced to undergo a surgery and I only informed my parents after the procedure. Back then, I realised the importance of life. It was a life changing moment for me. Thereafter I decided to enjoy my life to the fullest and I am still doing so”.


Gayle has reached many milestones in his professional life. But the one thing that he cherishes the most is being a father in real life. In his own words-

It’s definitely a new challenge to be a family man but I now can proudly say that I am a father of a beautiful daughter. It’s a different feeling altogether”

He was naturally the centre of attraction at the function and former Indian opener Virendra Sehwag too had a lot to say about him. He termed Gayle as the “True ambassador of cricket. BCCI President and ever dashing Anurag Thakur too called him a true entertainer of the cricket and said-

Chris Gayle is more popular in Kanpur than Kingston, he is more popular in Jalandhnar than Jamaica. He has made the game popular and attracted youth to take up the bat”.

Chris Gayle’s book for sure will inspire the world, the cricket fraternity and give insights of his life.. A part that is unknown by his fans till now.



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